slowdowninourtown.jpgreflection.jpgaloha-sunset.jpgCome-breathe-the-tropical-mist.jpgBanana-Bird-8x10.jpgKalaupapa-Shore-.jpgUnder-the-banyan-tree.jpghina-of-molokai.jpgHawaiian-future.jpgGreen-Chair.jpgFr.-Damien-2.jpgcelestial-hokulea-grey.jpgkalaupapa-lookout.jpgHumpback-Journey.jpgSunday-Paddlers.jpg13. Kanaloapassion-fruit-flower.jpgTorch Song  Paddlers.jpgPaddlers-Dream-1-001.jpgQueen-of-the-Night.jpgAlanui-Lani-.jpgAncient Fish Pond18. Seeking The ManaMajestic In The Calm17. Ulu Offering11. Heliconia Laulima.jpgOur LadyMother Of Outcasts04. Father DamienNorth Shore KalawaoWe Are Rapanui (piece 1 of triptych)Rapanui (piece 2 of triptych)Rapanui (piece 3 of triptych)AwarenessBamboo MoonKumu Farms Molokai-Deer.jpginthebluetaro.jpgAloha Fridaymolokai-tranquility.jpgMule Ride09. 20 MileTapa Bar01. The Guardians05. Halawa Valley06. Before The Dance07. Big Bird  12. Ka Hula Piko08. Dance Into LightDancing With Stars14. White Eyes10. Helping Hands15. Mountain Shadowsa-Either-way.jpgTake Me Back16. New Moon Molokai02. African Hopest-philamina.jpgeasy-rider.jpgKimono-in-purple-.jpg

All of my art is available in a variety of sizes as giclée (ghee-klay) prints. Giclée prints are a revolutionary new way of reproducing paintings, drawings or artwork accurately. It is an exact copy of an original work of art that was created by conventional means and then reproduced digitally, typically with an inkjet printer. The modern technology printers are capable of producing incredibly detailed prints from fine art and produce better color accuracy than any other means of reproduction.